Definition and examples of word/phrase "Derivatization"




1, Fluka and Supelco offer a comprehensive range of high-quality Derivatization reagents for GC, HPLC, TLC, and chiral chromatography.

2, Postcolumn Derivatization. Postcolumn Derivatization involves separating underivatized amino acids on a chromatographic column, mixing a Derivatization reagent with the eluent from the column, and passing the mixture through a reaction coil and then through a detection system (spectrophotometer or fluorometer).

3, Derivatization reactions used in MS often overlap with those used in other venues of analytical chemistry. However, there are some Derivatization reactions specifically designed for MS, such as those that enhance ionization or introduce a specific mass shift to the sample ions that becomes evident in the mass spectrum.

4, Derivatization method development kits Designation / purpose: Contents of the kit: REF Derivatization method development kit which type of Derivatization is best suited for