Definition and examples of word/phrase "Oocyte"




1. noun, Cell Biology. 1. an immature egg cell of the animal ovary; in humans, one oocyte matures during the menstrual cycle, becoming an ootid and then an ovum, while several others partially mature and then disintegrate.

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1, The formation of an Oocyte is called oocytogenesis, which is a part of oogenesis. Oogenesis results in the formation of both primary Oocytes during fetal period, and of secondary Oocytes after it as part of ovulation.

2, Human Oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing) is a procedure to preserve a woman’s eggs ().This technique was mainly developed to enable women who, due to studies or any other complication can´t deal with pregnancy during their most fertile years, to postpone their maternity until their personal situation is the right to form a family.

3, Fertilization begins when a sperm penetrates an Oocyte (an egg) and it ends with the creation of the zygote. The fertilization process takes about 24 hours.