Definition and examples of word/phrase "Relevance"




1, Alt. of Relevancy

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1, Relevance definition, the condition of being relevant, or connected with the matter at hand: Some traditional institutions of the media lack Relevance in this digital age.

2, To know the Relevance of something is to know why it matters or how it is important. I don't understand the Relevance of this discussion: it doesn't seem important to me.

3, In education, the term Relevance typically refers to learning experiences that are either directly applicable to the personal aspirations, interests, or cultural experiences of students (personal Relevance) or that are connected in some way to real-world issues, problems, and contexts (life Relevance).

4, Teaching the Relevance of course content can help students develop into engaged, motivated and self-regulated learners.

5, In information science and information retrieval, Relevance denotes how well a retrieved document or set of documents meets the information need of the user.

6, Simulation results are also of Relevance to fight epidemic outbreaks.

7, Different FLIM principles as well as applications of particular Relevance for the biosciences, especially for fast intravital studies are discussed in this work.

8, The paleoclimatic records and the Relevance with the formation of hydrocarbon source rocks: A case study of Huanghekou depressio

9, Nevertheless, the Relevance of apoptotic events in overall cell death should be established for every given photosensitizer.

10, Our results indicate that m-calpain-mediated GAP-43 proteolysis regulated by PKC and calmodulin is of physiological Relevance, particularly in axonal growth cone guidance.